Project Realization “key-in-hand.” set of systems of adaptation to install according to the customer’s needs.
With this consulting storage solutions identifies the movement of the goods flow in order to scale the design to accomplish.

Before undertaking any renovation or implementation of a new storage system, it is essential to study and in-depth analysis of the needs and possibilities of the company.
Only thus can ensure an optimal result, economic and rational.
SIILOG adapts to the specific needs of each client, which implies, in many cases, to projects “key-in-hand.”

Upon request, the SIILOG elaborates the draft and takes care of the entire design process, procurement, supply, assembly and commissioning of the installation, so that the customer has a unique valid interlocutor during project implementation.

A previous advisory saves time and installation costs, and it is the only way to ensure the smooth functioning of the automated warehouse, or any other system or solution implemented by SIILOG.

The SIILOG still implements the type of storage management software best suited to your needs.

New Generation of Intralogistics Solutions

  • New Generation of Intralogistics Solutions

    • Smart Concept
    • Advanced Technologies
    • Sophisticated Design
    • “State-of-the-Art” Solutions
    • Customer-Tailored IT
    • Products Developed and Manufactured by Siilog
    • Superior Performance

Smart Solutions

Supply Preparation Solutions

  • Manual or Automatic Input

    • Empty Boxes
    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Composite Material Boxes
    • From Manual To Fully Automated Labelling Solutions
    • Request For Orders’ Electronic Assessment
    • Bar Code Labes Through Manual To Fully Automated Labelling
    • Man-oriented Products
    • Boxing Products Workstations
    • Man Directed To Products
    • Radio-frequency Choices
    • Voice-activated Choices
    • Choices By Light
    • Choices By Lists
  • Consolidation and Packaging

    • Weight Checking
    • Integrated Correction Stations
    • Packaging Stations
    • Box Closing Stations
    • Belting Stations
    • Labelling For Transport
  • Complete Set

    • Area To Process In Bulk Requests
  • Screening for Expedition

    • Transportation Systems By Accumulation, Distributors etc.