Siilog Service 24

This service is primarily concerned with the lifetime of the systems or logistical modules purchased by our customers.

The may, on request, be provided with all types of appropriate services, in order to ensure a maximum return on investment, thus increasing their productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

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Preventive Maintenance

All our systems and logistical modules include a preventive maintenance plan. These plans aim at reducing the possible time without use of the equipment or others associated equipment, thus avoiding negative impacts on productivity. Through preventive maintenance contracts, we offer the possibility of ensuring the maintenance of our customers’ equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

Eventually there may be malfunctions in the systems or logistical modules. The main objective is their correction using the least time possible. All our customers with maintenance contracts have priority response with agreed response times.

Remote Maintenance

Some of the systems or logistical modules provided are in companies that operate 24 hours a day. Through remote maintenance contracts established with our customers, it is possible to provide a real-time intervention with the help of our technical experts, thereby ensuring that all systems remain operational.

Spare parts

In the assembly phase of the systems or logistical modules of our customers, a specific policy of spare parts is set for each case, as well as other programs of spare parts with delivery times of greater or lesser urgency.