Industrial logistics, as a management and organization science for technical activities, is undoubtedly an area of future for companies.

We are a company specialized in the application of the most advanced multidisciplinary technologies, aiming at ensuring the total design of a global project, from the study material flow to the study of processes up to the development and design of mechanical, electrical and automation projects and software for industrial equipment.

Our position in the corporate sector is that of a company which produces solutions and equipment of medium-high technology with high potential, developed together with research and development in various sectors of the economy.

Our production capacity is based on strategic manufacturing of specific mechanical components, global execution of all control and power panels for the most diverse equipment; the existence of a design laboratory for the development of software for control and supervision processes; preassembling or full assembling in wide spaces and installation in client’s facilities accompanied by our after-sales service.

For our service we assure the perfect harmonization of automation techniques, based on the use of fine mechanics, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, automation, and programming concepts.

We have gathered extensive experience based on the development of the major transportation systems projects and handling of products across the country, maintenance contracts and installation of industrial equipment, logistics systems and special equipment in the various areas of activity.

SIILOG can be defined as a creator of value for its customers, through the implementation of productivity solutions tailored to their specific logistics needs. Our main objective is to develop and implement skills in the design and development of both ideas and a complex equipment following a turnkey concept.