iTechmold Precision

With more than 35 years of know-how, and global dynamics with Portuguese and European engineering:

It is born from the merger and acquisition of the know-how of more than 20 years linked to the industrial sectors, perfecting in the modeling and development of their 2D and 3D molds until their shipment, ITHECMOLD PRECISION establishes a commitment to careful follow-up to its customers throughout the development process.

Constant follow-up design adjustments and monitoring during the manufacturing process of all our molds, minimizing costs, providing more cost-effective solutions viable and robust in the operability that are subject to and maintenance.

For this manufacturing process, a highly professional team with the latest technical expertise is required.

Through its know-how and continuous research of mold producer with:

Execution plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that requires the use of all grains, compacted and injected with the plastic material (polyamides, polymers and thermoplastics).
How much plastic material is melted and a hot resin is obtained, it is injected by pressure into the mold cavity, until the entire surface is uniform and filled.
In the solidification process, by means of ejector pivots, the part of the mold is extracted and introduced into a container.
During the manufacturing process, the equipment will control the filling pressure, anticipating possible aesthetic problems and checking the quality of the parts in real time.
The manufacturing design of injection molds are parts that must have high quality and be manufactured with the highest precision, and robustness once they are subject to high turnover for the manufacture of parts;

The commitment and that allows us to be stable together our customers reflects our concept, to manufacture molds and products injected in plastic with a guarantee of customer satisfaction