Dear collaborator it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our team!

At SIILOG, welcoming a new collaborator means creating the conditions to enhance his/her value and promote success.
SIILOG is an innovative company, strongly based in the market but with a young and dynamic mentality where there are no limits to learning; there is only the willpower to overcome obstacles.

At SIILOG people are our main concern. We value them.

Success and determination depend on people…
Group Spirit, ethics, Sacrifice, Honesty, Professionalism and Responsibility are the keywords that should guide you.

The “key” day

Known in SIILOG as the “key” day, this is the first contact and the first impression of the new employee with the company’s reality (co-workers, working methods).
Depending on the function for which he/she has been recruited, there will be a brief presentation by the administration to all colleagues and in detail to the direct hierarchical responsible.
Then, the collaborator will be informed of some of SIILOG’s failures and successes so as to better know the company’s reality and its capabilities.

“The experience is not what happens to a person,
but rather what the person does when facing what happens.”