Intralogistics Systems

With more than 35 years of know-how, and references installed to serve our customers with Portuguese and European engineering:

Realization of intralogistic "turnkey" projects. Adequacy of the set of systems to be installed according to customer needs. With this consulting of storage solutions, the movement flows of the merchandise are identified to be able to scale the project to be carried out
Antes de empreender qualquer renovação ou implementação de um novo sistema de armazenagem, é imprescindível o estudo e a análise em profundidade das necessidades e possibilidades da empresa.
Só assim se pode garantir um óptimo resultado, económico e racional.
SIILOG adapta-se às necessidades específicas de cada cliente, o que implica, em muitos casos, a realização de projectos “chave-na-mão”.

At the request of the customer, SIILOG prepares the preliminary draft and takes care of the entire process of design, bidding, provisioning, assembly and starting of the installation, so that the customer has a single valid interlocutor during the execution of the project.

Prior consulting saves installation time and costs, and is the only way to ensure the proper functioning of the automated warehouse, or any other system or solution implemented by SIILOG.

SIILOG also implements the type of storage management software that best suits your needs.