Automation & Software

With more than 35 years of know-how, and global dynamics with Portuguese and European engineering:

We put at your disposal your management software of our intralogistic systems and warehouses aimed at small, medium, large companies for the most diverse sectors of activity.

Its main objective is to control, coordinate and manage all value chain processes that take place in a warehouse.

The different levels of functionality of SIILOG Software allow you to adapt to your specific needs of each installation according to the degree of complexity and automation of the warehouse, being able to easily adapt the optimization to the growth of a business or to new processes and volumes.



  • Increased logistics productivity and reduced number of operations.
  • Total control of locations.
  • Real-time control of orders.
  • Control of workers' productivity.
  • Increased speed in the preparation and sending of orders.
  • Aumento da rapidez na preparação e no envio dos pedidos.
  • Improved compliance with order delivery times.
  • Reduction of time in innumerable jobs in the supply chain
  • Better use of physical and human resources.
  • Drastic reduction in costs caused by expiration dates or unknown loss.