Sectors of Activity


  • Automobile

    With the high demand of this sector , we offer consulting services to the automotive industry. This sector our policy is to present products and solutions specific to the needs of each brand we work for . We have extensive experience in this sector with some projects already developed in Europe , South America, North Africa. Over the past eight years we bet on a strong component of support to our customers with a team specialized in the analysis of such projects . Since painting stations , manipulators , lifting systems , automatic gantries , artificial vision systems , automatic storage systems.

  • Aeronautics

    High performance and demand from our customers has forced us to specific certification terms within the sector. Today we are a company that offers consulting service in real time on our customers and supporting the performance of the entire process. We develop and install solutions tailored to the needs of this highly demanding sector. We have advisory work in Europe and South America.

  • Components

    The industry of components and we have identified as processing and high degree of operation analyzed , studied and produce our products according to the product to move . This sector offer a wide range of product line standers, from conveyors to automated storage systems , to the control and picking systems. Present projects in the mold industry , chemical industry, especially in Europe

  • Feed

    Since the 80s we are pioneers in handling systems in the food sector . Obeying high levels of control and demand our quality policy becomes completely performance of all our vigorously technicians. Since the systems and modules standers , imagine and create a turnkey solution to optimize this sector. Some of the most important works are in Europe , Central America, Africa .

  • Paper

    In this sector of the economy studied production flows and develop all projects with turnkey solutions from food and transportation of raw materials , following the production to the final call phase through storage process or load. The solutions are plausible and always structured according to our customers’ ideas , supporting them with our ” know-how ” . Our work in this sector are located in Europe.

  • Ceramics

    In this sector of the economy we propose solutions that can range from air transport systems for further optimization of the physical spaces for exploration activity as well as all the latest generation of engines developed by SIILOG in recent years. Reference works are found in Europe.

  • Textile & Footwear

    In this sector of the economy increasingly through demand and involvement with the brand and fashion designers , our products and solutions make up the daily life of this sector. Present from the wide range of products standers handling and conveyors to picking and control systems and automatic and dynamic storage. Translating competitively the timings of the markets in this sector requires . Our works are mainly in Europe

  • Pharmaceutical

    In this sector of activity conducted from the study to the design of the final product that our customer pull highest possible returns . We speak of the supply of automatic storage systems , auto transport , coding systems and correct products. Our main work in this area are found in South America and Europe

  • Plastics

  • Furniture

    Repositioning interventional way in this sector focuses our projects and products according the advantage of our customers modernize their assembly lines.
    Intervening and supporting together with flexible solutions in order to monetize their productions.

  • Environment

    with a sector important to our ecosystem, SIILOG positions itself to customers in order to monetize their facilities, offering wide range standers and products studied and designed to detail solutions.

  • Other Industries

  • Petrochemical

    In this sector of activity developed key-in- hand solutions from control systems and validation to transport systems and automatic storage. The complexity of this industry has made in recent years established highly strategic partnerships implementing projects in this air. The markets in which we operate are particularly Africa and Latin America.


  • Parcel Distribution

    We have a strong tradition in this sector , we are pioneers and enthusiasts some of the major projects at European level. In this Care A sector to realize short-term need for autonomy of our customers and make improvements to be competitive analysis in the face of external competitiveness.

  • Preparation of Applications

    With a strategic component to guarantee customer total satisfaction in this sector offer strategic solutions for maximum profitability and operation.

  • Postal Services

    In this sector you’ll come across with our Target and our know-how and our history , accompanied by time and the implementation of various projects in this sector guarantee the best design process automation.

  • Banking

    Experience in transport systems , control and automatic storage.

  • Public Institutions

  • Health

    Experience in modular solutions and consultancy studies for optimization of all the aspects that services related to health need.

  • Logistics

    With an experience over 25 years in this sector we have at present the most varied optimization solutions and profitability for the sector.

  • Other Services